eLeave & eClaim

NicePayroll provides eLeave and eClaim, the complete payroll-related online management system to help employers to reduce cost, eliminate manual works, so that they can be more focused on other stragetic activities.

Are you still managing your staffs’ leave and claim records on paper? Having difficulty to summarize the individual entitlement and balance amount when your staff come to ask you? Our online system accomodates unique individual entitlement, company policies and statutory rules to ensure everything is in control and well-managed, all authorized users can access their data anytime anywhere, all information you want is just a few clicks away,

  • Employees can apply leave and claim without any paperwork
  • Approving officer can process the application online anytime anywhere.
  • HR and payroll administrator can export those approved records to process together with payroll
  • HR administrators, approving officers and employees can see complete records and approval history repectively
  • All records are updated automatically in real time for processing with prompt email notification

Interested in knowing more? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for providing the solution which can be the best to your business needs